About the “Crackle”

My first memory (so I’m told…) of spit roasting was my very first birthday; which also happens to be the night I got my first concussion. Somehow I’m sure the knock to the head had something to do with the becoming of “The Crackling Pig Spitroast Co”.

It would be more romantic if I’d say that I learned the traditional method of spit roasting on our farm in Yugoslavia… Well, there is a bitter sweet truth about it all.

Even though as a child we’d travel each summer to be part of the life on the family farm, I can mainly attribute most my learning of the art of fire roasting, to my father’s friends; the Yugoslav diaspora from the last war (1991-1999).

These people sought refuge from one of the 20th centuries’ worst conflicts in modern European history. Upon arriving in Canada; often times with no more than a suitcase, these people came with a wealth of knowledge, culture and passion for traditions from what they called “back home”. And most obvious of traditions which fuel my passion for cooking was open fire charcoal spit roasting…

What better way to gather the Yugoslav diaspora than roasting a whole animal like we did back home”…

Born to a Quebecois mother in Ottawa, having been raised between the farm in Yugoslavia and Canada, with every event, the objective still remains true to its roots to bring back that sense of community and passion that you get at traditional spit roasts

It’s a way to rally people together to form a sense of community and sharing, which translates to any culture.

Not much has changed from those days back at the farm, or in our backyards here in Canada, to how the Pig still crackles over the coals of a Canadian hard wood charcoal fire.

With a simple combination of seasoning, oils and a watchful eye, an insane amount of tolerance to incredible amounts of heat, I’ll prepare you the best spit roast you’ve ever had.

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of Pig, I also roast up a pretty mean lamb… then again just about any other animal, we can put on a “stick”!

– Micha Miljević-Laroche

The Crackling Pig

The Crackling Pig brings you traditionally spit roasted meat using techniques and seasonings paying homage to its roots.

“It’s about the Meat, not the sauce”.

As spit roasting is an all-day affair, you’ll need a little space on location to be able to set up and roast (approx. 12’ x 12’) Depending on party size you can have a beast ranging anywhere from 25-75lb which will feed from 30 people up to 125 people.

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